What does Averaging mean?

Averaging meaning in Finance Dictionary

The purchase of additional shares in a company if the price features dropped.

Averaging meaning in Law Dictionary

1. making a profile by trading fixed quantities at fixed periods. This is done in various securities being bought when they're cheapest and offered if they are expensive. Relate to constant dollar plan. AKA exponential smoothing.

Averaging meaning in General Dictionary

of typical

Averaging meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Average

Sentence Examples with the word Averaging

Australian deposits were worked in 1872, and in the following year the production was 3000 tons; the maximum outputs were in 1881-1883, averaging 10,000 tons annually; but the supply declined to 2420 tons in 1898 and has since increased to about 5028 tons in 1905.

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