What does Average Price mean?

Average Price meaning in Finance Dictionary

a phrase utilized by the London stock-exchange to denote that a transaction ended up being effected at a high price on the basis of the average over confirmed period.

Average Price meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Business: A calculated measurement associated with average of a variety of rates purchased products or services. 2. Securities: A calculation utilizing fixed-income securities to find out a safety's yield to maturity, that will be after that subtracted from cost.

Sentence Examples with the word Average Price

When, in April 1908, Mr Asquith became premier, and Mr Lloyd George chancellor of the exchequer, the sugar convention The world's trade in cane and beet sugar in tons avoirdupois at decennial periods from 1840 to 1870, inclusive, and yearly from 1871 to 1901 inclusive, with the percentage of beet sugar and the average price per cwt.

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