What does Ave mean?

Ave meaning in General Dictionary

An ave Maria

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  • An ave Maria.
  • A reverential salutation.

Ave meaning in Names Dictionary

Diminutive of Averill: battling boar.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

Ave meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"hail," additionally "farewell," very early 13c. (in mention of the Ave Maria), from Latin ave, 2nd individual singular important of avere "to be or fare well."

Ave - Spanish to English

bird of prey

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  • bird

Ave meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) An ave Maria.

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  • (n.) A reverential salutation.

Sentence Examples with the word Ave

The following ranges belong to the Transmontane system, which is the southern extension of the mountains of Galicia: Peneda (4728 ft.), forming the watershed between the river Lima and the lower Minho; the Serra do Gerez (4817 ft.), which rises like a gigantic wall between the Lima and the Homem, and sends off a spur known as the Amarella, Oural and Nora, south-westward between the Homem and the Cavado; La Raya Seca, a continuation of Gerez, which culminates in Larouco (4390 ft.) and contains the sources of the Cavado; Cabreira (4196 ft.), which contains the sources of the river Ave and separates the basin of the Tamega from that of the Cavado; Marao (4642 ft.), Villarelho (3547 ft.) and Padrella (3763 ft.), forming together a large massif between the rivers Tamega, Tua and Douro; and Nogueira (4331 ft.) and Bornes (3944 ft.), which divide the valley of the Tua from that of the Sabor.

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