What does Avast mean?

Avast meaning in General Dictionary

Cease stop stay

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  • Cease; stop; remain.

Avast meaning in Computer Dictionary

Avast was created in 1988 by Eduard Kučera and Pavel Baudiš just who encountered the Vienna Virus and began building solutions to protect computers from this among others enjoy it.

Avast meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1680s, a nautical interjection, "hold! stop!" probably worn-down from Dutch houd vast "hold fast." AVAST. -- The order to cease, or pause, in almost any exercise or operation; as Avast heaving -- frankly, desist, or end, from drawing-in the cable or hawser, in the form of the capstan &c. [George Biddlecombe, "The Art of Rigging," 1848]

Avast meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Cease; stop; remain.