What does Available Hole mean?

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An Available Hole (noun) will 'put completely' indiscriminately. Female or male, they have a tendency become morally bereft and without substantive thought.They will make by themselves open to most of his or her friends, all your buddies, friends and family' buddies, moving strangers, the butcher, the baker, and specially the candlestick manufacturer and generally anyone who is looking for an 'available gap' for intimate encounters lacking in any feeling of enduring pleasure and fundamentally cumulating in notions to be an vapid and debased soul.An readily available Hole will usually be a carrier of varied STIs/STDs and will waste no opportunity to smear these throughout the face of culture and infect the overall populous using their pestilence. They regularly utilize their particular powers of manipulation to engineer situations wherein they may garner interest, breach trusts, neglect others, break friendships, test interactions, distribute infection and corrupt the minds of innocents.Not really you to definitely decide to try 'meet your parents' or to freely acknowledge to participating in acts of promiscuity with, to either friends, acquaintances or colleagues.Also understood, amongst numerous others, given that 'town cycle', 'town crotch', 'unpaid whore'