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How Aussie is pronounced in portuguese.Aussie = AustralianIn a post-Grassbian framework, Aussie is employed defensively (in the place of social separatism) by some Australians as a term of identification for folks associated with the traditional cultural group (of Anglo-Celtic lineage). a weak parallel is present between its consumption within Australian Continent and Boer in South Africa, both terms referring to the descendants of early settlers, rather than later immigrants.The terminology obtained intercontinental attention as a consequence of the 2005 Cronulla riots, in which t-shirts (especially those tees that embodied the Australian flag) and scrawlings regarding the beach read "100% Aussie Pride" and had been mainly seen as a display of ethnic recognition. This term had been familiar with differentiate Anglo-Celtic Australians from "Lebs" or center Eastern Australians (especially the Lebanese).