What does Auwlls mean?

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"auwlls" "auwllz" -noun, adj, verb, adverb, suffix"Auwlls" is a really versatile term. "Auwlls" is spelled either means listed. Your message is used to spell it out an individual, thing, event, and/or taking place which can be unusual or exhilarating. As an adverb, "auwlls" can also be used instead of the reaction of "yea" or "for sure". The phrase "auwlls" may be used to explain an individual's wellbeing. "you've got awulls on your own wall space" would describe the niche, for lack of an improved term, "you the the shit" The most common use of "auwlls" is its use as a suffix. When having a discussion with another individual acquainted using "auwlls", one might drop the "A" in "auwlls" and change it with all the start of the original word that presenter intends to make use of. A discussion will normally have a sort of rhyme to it.