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An autumn lock could be the hair style often donned by people in the emo subculture of goth. Known as generically "emo tresses". It's usually identified by lengthy bangs, parted quietly, that cover one eye. An autumn lock could be the hair style frequently worn by members of the emo culture. Known as generically "emo hair". Its most frequently recognized by lengthy bangs, parted quietly, which cover one eye.Characteristics of Emo hair-styles * just what an emo design is differs for each person wearing it, therefore the same design worn by one individual can be an emo look, however if worn by some other person it may possibly be considered goth or punk. As a whole, but emo designs do share specific qualities. 1. Loose types that typically are not restrained by tresses add-ons or elaborate coifs, though hefty locks products may be required to create the design. 2. extended bangs which may be used obscuring a person's eye (left or appropriate is around the individual’s inclination) or swept sideways. Bangs are often right over the forehead, but they are generally longer than for other hair styles, and not every emo style features bangs. 3. A deliberately messy look that reflects the individual’s private design. An emo design can be significantly uncontrollable, and lots of teenagers which put on emo styles will change their particular appearance from day to day to mirror their particular present state of mind.