What does Autum Auta autum autum mean?

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A woman of independency, loved by many people. By definition she manages every person universe and certainly will alter someone when it comes to better. Usually a hot smart girl just who desires too-big for starters girl to undertake A tremendously delighted woman that cares a whole lot about the woman pals. She's got lots of pals and usually men that go crazy over this lady and even though she's got no idea why. Her look lights up the room along with her laugh gets everyone laughing. She has blonde locks and green eyes typically. She likes anime and in most cases has actually a crush on an anime guy or two. She always tries to resolve other peoples issues and gets really annoyed whenever she fails at it. She actually is really wise but may well not do very good at school. Her name's often Autumn but she doesn't that way name as it cannot explain the lady so she informs individuals phone her Auta. She's short and she likes it. She doesn't understand that she's a lot of friends that love the girl and she cant constantly fix every thing, since there is nothing broken. noun- the cheapest vagina in task corps A nigger pinata (i.e., some white chick who gets pummelled by nigger dick)