What does Autopsy mean?

Autopsy meaning in General Dictionary

individual observance or examination witnessing with your eyes ocular view

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  • perform an autopsy on a-dead human anatomy; do a post-mortem
  • an examination and dissection of a dead human body to ascertain cause of death and/or modifications generated by disease
  • Personal observation or assessment; seeing with one's ownu000du000a eyes; ocular view.
  • Dissection of a-dead human anatomy, for the intended purpose of ascertaining the reason, chair, or nature of an ailment; a post-mortem assessment.

Autopsy meaning in Medical Dictionary

A postmortem examination. Also called necropsy.

Autopsy meaning in Law Dictionary

The dissection of a-dead human body for the true purpose of inquiring to the cause of demise. Pub. St. Mass. 1882, p. 1288. Sudduth ?. Insurance Co. (a C.) 106 Fed. 823.

Autopsy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, "an eye-witnessing," from Modern Latin autopsia, from Greek autopsia "a seeing with an individual's own eyes," from autos- "self" (see auto-) + opsis "a sight" (see eye (n.)). Feeling of "dissection of a body to find out reason for demise" is first taped 1670s, probably from same good sense in French autopsie (1570s).

Autopsy meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Personal observance or evaluation; witnessing with a person's very own eyes; ocular view.

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  • (a.) Dissection of a-dead body, for the intended purpose of ascertaining the main cause, seat, or nature of an ailment; a post-mortem evaluation.

Sentence Examples with the word Autopsy

A local autopsy was rushed through in the wee hours of the night and the remains of the obese thug were airborne, in route to Pennsylvania as they spoke.

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