What does Autonomic nervous system mean?

Autonomic nervous system meaning in Medical Dictionary

part of the neurological system that regulates crucial involuntary features associated with human anatomy, like the activity associated with the heart muscle; the smooth muscles, such as the muscle tissue of intestinal tract; in addition to glands. The autonomic nervous system features two divisions: the sympathetic neurological system, which accelerates the center price, constricts blood vessels, and increases blood pressure levels, and parasympathetic nervous system, which slows the center rate, increases intestinal and gland task, and calms sphincter muscle tissue.

Autonomic nervous system meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The the main nervous system which has the nerves that control involuntary movement.

Autonomic nervous system meaning in General Dictionary

the the main nervous system of vertebrates that controls involuntary activities regarding the smooth muscles and heart and glands

Autonomic nervous system meaning in Body Language Dictionary

The ANS could be the an element of the peripheral neurological system that will act as the control center for various businesses in the torso below the degree of awareness.  It controls visceral operations like heart rate, digestion, rate of respiration, salivation, perspiration, pupil diameter and sexual arousal.  The ANS is really important toward nonverbal body gestures audience specifically because the businesses happen without authorization regarding the aware brain making all of them very truthful and dependable cues.  Even though the ANS controls inner performance, the results have emerged externally and that can be look over.