What does Automatism mean?

Automatism meaning in General Dictionary

The state or top-notch becoming automated the power of self-moving automatic technical or involuntary activity

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  • any reaction that develops immediately without conscious thought or reflection (especially the undirected behavior noticed in psychomotor epilepsy)
  • hawaii or quality of being automatic; the power of self-moving; automated, mechanical, or involuntary action. (Metaph.) A theory as to the activity of matter.

Automatism meaning in Medical Dictionary

An unconscious movement that may resemble quick repeated tics or is a complex series of natural-looking motions. This curious form of behavior takes place in several neurological and psychiatric problems. The neurologic conditions involving automatisms include narcolepsy (the sudden recurrent uncontrollable compulsion to sleep) and some types of epilepsy such specifically psychomotor epilepsy. The psychiatric problems related to automatisms include schizophrenia (catatonic kind) and fugue (flight) states. Automatisms include doing anything "automatically" and never remembering afterwards just how a person did it and/or that one made it happen. Automatisms may also be known as automatic behavior.

Automatism meaning in Law Dictionary

In medical jurisprudence, this term is applied to actions or conduct of an individual apparently happening without will, function, or reasoned purpose on his component; a disorder occasionally observed in persons which, without being really insane, undergo an obscuration regarding the mental traits, loss of volition or of memory, or kindred affections. "Ambulatory automatism" describes the pathological impulse to purposeless and reckless wanderings from place to place usually characteristic of clients suffering from loss of memory with dissociation of personality.

Automatism meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Gr. automatos, self-moving) (a) In metaphysics: concept that pet and peoples organisms are automata, that is to say, tend to be devices governed because of the laws and regulations of physics and mechanics. Automatism, as propounded by Descartes, considered the lower creatures becoming pure automata (Letter to Henry More, 1649) and man a machine controlled by a rational soul (Treatise on Man). Pure automatism for guy and animals is advocated by Los Angeles Mettrie (guy, a device, 1748). During Nineteenth century, automatism, along with epiphenomenalism, had been advanced by Hodgson, Huxley and Clifford. (Cf. W. James, The Principles of Psychology, Vol. I, ch. V.) Behaviorism, for the severe type, is the most present type of automatism (identify Behaviorism). (b) In therapy: Psychological automatism could be the performance of obviously purposeful actions, like automated writing without having the superintendence of mindful brain. L. C. Rosenfield, From Beast Machine to Man Device, N. Y., 1941. -- L.W.

Automatism meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Hawaii or quality of being automatic; the power of self-moving; automatic, mechanical, or involuntary activity. (Metaph.) A theory regarding the activity of matter.

Sentence Examples with the word Automatism

Sensory Automatism is the term given by students of psychical research to a centrally initiated hallucination.

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