What does Automation mean?

Automation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1948, when you look at the production feeling, coined by Ford engine Co. vice-president Delmar S. Harder, from automated + -ion. Early in the day (1838) was automatism, which required "quality of being automated" when you look at the ancient feeling.

Automation meaning in General Dictionary

the work of implementing the control over gear with higher level technology; usually concerning electric equipment

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  • equipment accustomed attain automated control or operation
  • the health of being instantly managed or controlled

Automation meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Term always describe the process of integrating numerous tasks into one. Like, a person may develop a Perl script to parse through a text wood file of a webpage's traffic and create an HTML report of that website's traffic. Inside instance, this could normally take someone hrs, times, and even months to by hand complete, but could possibly be automated and completed in a matter of seconds or moments.

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