What does Autochthonous mean?

Autochthonous meaning in Medical Dictionary

(Pronounced au-toch-tho-nous)1. Native. Poison ivy is an autochthonous plant. 2. based in the spot in which it formed. As an autochthonous thrombus. 3. From the same individual. As an autochthonous graft. Or autochthonous lymphocytes. Autochthonous may be the adjective and autochthon could be the noun. From car + the Greek chthon, the planet earth, earth = sprung from earth or even the soil it self.

Autochthonous meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"native, indigenous," 1845, from autochthon + -ous.

Autochthonous meaning in General Dictionary

originating where its discovered

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  • of rocks, build up, etc.; found where they and their particular constituents had been formed
  • Aboriginal; native; local.

Autochthonous meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Aboriginal; indigenous; indigenous.

Sentence Examples with the word Autochthonous

The investigations made by Dr Walter Lehmann in Central America (1907-1909), prove that these Mexican elements were extended through Guatemala, Salvador, a small part of Nicaragua (the territory of the Nicaraos) and on several places in the peninsula of Nicoya (Costa Rica) amongst the autochthonous Chorotega or Mangue.

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