What does Autocar mean?

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1. An American car manufacturer that turned to making heavy-duty vehicles at the beginning of its lifespan. Nevertheless running a business these days, nonetheless they just make garbage trucks.2. A British automotive mag. Also the world's earliest, having been with us about so long as the Autocar vehicle organization.

Autocar meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1895, from auto- + car. Which will be it to be? We observe that the London circumstances has actually lent the weight of their expert towards word "autocar," which it today prints minus the considerable inverted commas but with a hyphen, "auto-car." We believe the vocable began with a journal labeled as the Hardwareman, which succeeded in getting the powerful support associated with Engineer for its offspring. As for ourselves, becoming linguistic purists, we cannot look after hybrid constructions--"auto" is Greek, while "automobile" is Latin and Celtic. Simultaneously, such awkward expressions as "horseless carriages," "mechanical road carriages," and "self-propelled automobiles" are not interviewing general favour. You will want to consequently adopt the philogically sound "motor-car," which could be encounter an individual word, "motorcar"? ["The electric Engineer," Dec. 20, 1895]

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mentor [esp. Br.]