What does Authentication mean?

Authentication meaning in General Dictionary

a mark-on a write-up of trade to indicate its source and authenticity

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  • validating the authenticity of something or some body

Authentication meaning in Law Dictionary

In the legislation of proof. The work or mode of providing authority or appropriate authenticity to a statute, record, or any other written instrument, or a certified content thereof, in order to render it legitimately admissible in evidence. Mayfield v. Sears, 133 Ind. 86, 32 N. E. 816; Hartley v. Ferrell, 9 Fla. 380; In re Fowler (C. C.) 4 Fed. 303. An attestation made by a suitable officer in which he certifies that an archive is in because of as a type of legislation, hence the one who certifies this is the officer appointed so doing.

Authentication meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1788, noun of activity from authenticate (v.).

Authentication meaning in Business Dictionary

1. General: Verification of this genuineness of a document or trademark, making it effective or valid. It typically takes the form of a sealed or stamped certification that verifies the expert of a public official (such as for instance judge or a notary public) or of a signatory. 2. Computer accessibility: Verification associated with the identification of a user through a signal such a code. 3. Electronic-commerce: Measure employed to make sure that the entity asking for access to an internet system is really what or who it promises is, and to counter (through the use of passwords, authentication certification, or any other recognition products or treatments) any unacceptable or unauthorized accessibility.

Authentication meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Authentication, authenticating, and authorize are terms familiar with describe the entire process of determining an individual and making sure they are just who they state they truly are. For instance, a password is a fundamental way of authorizing some body. You will find different sorts of authentication including verification utilizing biometrics, entering a PIN, as well as a picture password.

Sentence Examples with the word Authentication

Since the visions of Bernadette Soubirous, their authentication by a commission of enquiry appointed by the bishop of Tarbes, and the authorization by the pope of the cult of Our Lady of Lourdes, the quarter on the left bank of the Gave has sprung up and it is estimated that 600,000 pilgrims annually visit the town.

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