What does Australianencephaitis mean?

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Australianencephaitis could be the irritation of mind brought on by a formidable consumption of this Australian culture through eyes, ears, and mouth of a foreign customer (ie. tourist, pupil).The customer (which will be generally a student) can start to see symptoms by the end of their first day in Australian Continent; however, in a few minor instances, signs try not to show up through to the tenth time in Australian Continent.Symptoms of Australianencephaitis consist of (but they are not limited to):- increased energy and awareness- emotions of wellbeing and euphoria- reduced anxiety, anxiety, and insecurity- sports overall performance may be enhanced- becoming enjoyable and wild- exorbitant utilization of the word 'mate'- takes dangers (ie. skydiving, cycling with sharks, bungee bouncing, etc.)- pretending to know just how to surfSymptoms may progress rapidly. In addition, symptoms can vary with regards to the purity and quantity regarding the Australian culture surrounding the said visitor.Chronic UseProlonged experience of Australian culture is motivated. People who have Australianencephaitis are, generally, means cooler, stay longer, and smell better.