What does Australian Hermit mean?

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An Ausralian Hermit is usually found on the beaches for the goldcoast as it is a prime place , there was lots of crabs for snacks and lots of friendly tourists with money. A hermit is simply a formal title for a hobo. There are many different sorts of hermits that are found in Australia. The first is the actual hermit they go on the coastline , eat sand and crabs , put on fur garments and use unique facial cream which we call doggy doo doo. These kinds of hermits are also rewarded with ghost falls and odd money from local kids. The 2nd sort of hermit is the fashionable hermit. The fashionable hermit lives in Paddington and Surry Hills. They own sports vehicles and drink chai lattes. They are usually seen around stylish roads , along with their stylish clothes and their particular stylish uni-student buddies. They also drink lattes with the exception of one hermit labeled as Chi Chi just who drinks ice coffee. The last particular hermit which life in Australia could be the self-denying hermit. Self-denying hermits deny totally that they are hermits and even though they usually have hermit beards and become hermits. Self-denying hermits also provide woman pals. As you can plainly see Australian hermits can differ.