What does Aussie flatmate mean?

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A native of Australian Continent which joins your flat share and fucks shit up. Seems "quite sound" when you initially meet, but once their particular title's regarding the agreement shit starts to go wrong:- multiplication: go back home from work plus flat is full of Aussies ingesting lager, vomming in your toilet, and coming in contact with up bull dykes (referred to as Sheilas). As soon as Aussies have actually multiplied in your house, it is v hard to remove them.- shit banter: Aussie banter will be based upon their supposed superiority to dumb Yanks, boring Poms, sheep shagging Kiwis, and you aren't brown skin. Nonetheless think they dominate most sports, despite this not-being true.- Ramsay Street Kitchen Nightmares: no body in Australian Continent features any flavor or knows how to cook. Kitchen area will look like a load of 14-year-old guys relocated in for a month. Signs consist of piles of bare beer cans, pizza pie boxes and smell of wanking coming from the sink.- crime: Aussies tend to be descended from convicts. The nation happens to be a hotbed of criminal activity because the days of Ned Kelly, plus Aussie flatmate is no different. While they haven't any taste (see above), they find it difficult to take any such thing valuable, your television could get pawned.- The Aussie goodbye: when you have been able to endure for enough time to outstay your Aussie flatmate, you'll probably be addressed toward Aussie goodbye. The classic version is to leave without having to pay a significant bill, almost a year' lease, with no forwarding address.