What does Ausrasten mean?

Ausrasten - German to English

to blow your top

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  • to flip your cover
  • to freak [coll.]
  • going down [Am.] [sl.] [to drop self-control]
  • to go postal [sl.] [to be uncontrollably frustrated, usually to the point of physical violence]
  • going spare [Br.] [coll.]
  • to get rid of a person's rag
  • to unlatch
  • to pitch a fit [Am.]
  • to go ballistic [coll.]
  • to snap [lose self-control all of a sudden]
  • to be introduced
  • to throw a wobbly [coll.] [Br.]
  • to click on [Am.] [sl.] [rare] [to be enraged]
  • to flip (out) [coll.]
  • going berserk [coll.]
  • to have / put / chuck a hissy [sl.] [Am.]
  • to have a cow [Am.] [sl.]
  • to get rid of it [coll.]
  • to unlock [e.g. fuse]
  • unlocking