What does Auscultate mean?

Auscultate meaning in General Dictionary

to rehearse auscultation to look at by auscultation

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  • examine by auscultation
  • to apply auscultation; to examine by auscultation.

Auscultate meaning in Medical Dictionary

To listen, for diagnostic purposes, to your sounds produced by the internal organs of body. As an example, nurses and doctors auscultate the lungs and heart of an individual by utilizing a stethoscope placed on the in-patient's upper body or right back.

Auscultate meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"to pay attention" (especially with a stethoscope), 1832, from Latin auscultatus, past participle of auscultare "to pay attention attentively to," from aus-, from auris "ear" (see ear (n.1)); "the rest is skeptical" [OED]. Tucker proposes the second factor is comparable to clinere "to slim, fold."

Auscultate meaning in General Dictionary

(v. i. & t.) To apply auscultation; to look at by auscultation.

Sentence Examples with the word Auscultate

If a student can auscultate correctly, or make up a prescription, at an examination, he will in all probability be able to do so in other circumstances.

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