What does Aurorable mean?

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Aurora AKA AuroraTheGoddess is a internet icon/celeb and it is very well-known on numerous networking websites. She's an artist and loves to sing & party. Aurorable had been a nickname directed at this youthful lady many years when she requested a buddy to explain this lady, only using one word! Aurora stated it described her character. People have claimed that Aurora has a personality every one of her very own and so they virtually smashed the mold when they made the girl. Whenever describing Aurora, Aurorable amounts it up in one word. Because it describes the lady special and cunning and charming character. She's loving, painful and sensitive, nice and has now enthusiasm within herself like no other and therefore alone is the reason why her Aurorable. For a passing fancy idea of loveable, but Aurorable describes more than simply being lovable, it defines this lady inner being, her life and whats in her own heart!