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a town in North East Ohio, suburb of Cleveland. If you should be youthful adequate to be about this website, and also enough time to search for this meaning, you probity understand just how small there is certainly doing. At this time i'm bored stiff as shit, which explains why i'm typing this meaning. There's a little skate park and a film movie theater, but that’s about this. Discover a shopping mall labeled as the ‘Aurora Outlets’, but the majority of the products sold you can find directed at elderly females and the extremely wealthy. There is certainly a mix of courses in Aurora, with both extremely wealthy and extremely poor. It's cause a drug ‘problem’ in the highschool, with tensions peaking throughout the 2008-2009 college year with Police Lockdowns and an incident involving a handgun at the college. In 2008 your local football group won hawaii championship, which seemed like the best thing to ever happen when you look at the city, previously. (<- not necessarily) additionally it is residence to a fairly tiny and under stocked collection. It's neither relaxation center nor every other type of entertainment (Except that these skate park and movie theatre). I used to have a large-ish theme park, called Geauga Lake/Sea World; however it recently became Six Flags. Even more recently it had been purchased by Cedar Fair (People Who Own the popular Cedar Aim) and shut permanently (). Aurora is generally called an excellent destination to retire, with an overall total of 4 retirement centers. The city features two Boy Scout soldiers (265 and 269), two 4-H groups (Creatures and features and path Blazers). It even has actually two subway restaurants. One final note to all of you teenagers: Don’t overcome myself up for composing this.- 2009 Also called the drugstore for inheriting medications from cleveland and offering into the soccer people and people of surrouding cities.