What does Auricle mean?

Auricle meaning in General Dictionary

The outside ear or that an element of the ear which will be prominent from head

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  • a small conical pouch projecting through the upper anterior element of each atrium of the heart
  • the externally visible cartilaginous construction associated with outside ear
  • The outside ear, or that part of the ear which is prominent from mind.
  • The chamber, or one of several two chambers, of heart, by which the bloodstream is received and transmitted into the ventricle or ventricles; -- so called from the similarity to the auricle or outside ear of some quadrupeds. See Heart.
  • An angular or ear-shaped lobe.
  • a guitar placed on the ears to offer assist in hearing; a type of ear trumpet.

Auricle meaning in Medical Dictionary

1. The main projecting an element of the ear. Also known as the pinna.2. Anything ear shaped including the upper chambers of this heart. Also referred to as the atria. Auricle is certainly not to be confounded with oracle. Neither the pinna nor the atria have oracular powers.

Auricle meaning in Etymology Dictionary

area of the ear, 1650s, from Latin auricula "ear," diminutive of auris (see ear (n.1)). As a chamber of this heart, very early 15c., from Latin, so named from a perceived similarity fit to an animal's ear.

Auricle meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The exterior ear, or that area of the ear that is prominent from head.

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  • (letter.) An angular or ear-shaped lobe.
  • (letter.) A guitar applied to the ears to provide aid in hearing; a type of ear-trumpet.

Sentence Examples with the word Auricle

Aperture by which the left auricle joins the ventricle.

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