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A girl who is fun loving and cool. Usually somebody who really loves sports and it is sports. This woman is a great friend and proficient at most things she tries. And she really loves all living animals. She's extremely nice and good some also say she is too nice in some instances She's always funny and that can deliver a grin to any person's face. She's never ever judgmental and likes you available. She makes a great gf, always caring and listens to any problems you have, and is exceptionally supporting. Auri may be the name regarding the Goblin Prince which lives inside wooded areas of Washington State. The Goblins lair is underground and has now something of underground tunnels working between the wooded places. Auri is said to come-out to the locations regarding the 4th of July. And you can tell in which Auri might-have-been because he usually leaves behind an internet of jizz. a goat which mates with tigers model of toyota car