What does Augustina mean?

Augustina meaning in Urban Dictionary

•The name of Augustina creates an extravagant, bold nature with all the desire to have monetary prominence.•You desire best in life and appreciate quality in all things.•This title has made you rather hostile, shrewd, and vital and has caused one to be incredibly separate.•You have the analysis, sight, and promotional power to make progress.•You could attain levels of success in business, but there is in addition one factor which brings many required changes and rubbing with people, which often offsets the success you could attain.•Although the name Augustina creates executive aspirations, we emphasize so it causes a restless power that defies relaxation.•This title, when combined with final name, can irritate glee, contentment, and success, in addition to cause wellness weaknesses in reproductive organs, and solar power plexus.

Augustina meaning in Names Dictionary

The feminine as a type of Augustine.
Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Female