What does Augustan mean?

Augustan meaning in General Dictionary

Of or with respect to Augustus Caeligsar or even their times

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  • regarding or characteristic associated with the times during the the Roman Emperor Augustus
  • Of or regarding Augustus Caesar or to their times.
  • Of or related to the town of Augsburg.

Augustan meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, from Latin Augustanus, "pertaining to Augustus (Caesar)," whoever reign had been associated with "the palmy period of Latin literary works" [OED]; hence, "period of purity and sophistication in virtually any nationwide literary works" (1712).

Augustan meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Of or pertaining to Augustus Caesar or even to his times.

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  • (letter.) Of or related to town of Augsburg.

Sentence Examples with the word Augustan

The chief ancient authorities for the reign of Hadrian are: the life by Aelius Spartianus in the Scriptores historiae Augustae (see AUGUSTAN HISTORY and bibliography); the epitome of Dio Cassius (lxix.) by Xiphilinus; Aurelius Victor, Epit.

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