What does Auge mean?

Auge - German to English

Eye of Providence

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  • singer's attention
  • attention associated with the hurricane
  • Eye of Ra
  • Eye of Re
  • center of cyclone [Br.]
  • eye of cyclone
  • attention of cyclone
  • ee [Scot.]
  • bird's-eye
  • center of a cyclone [Br.]
  • eye [Oculus]
  • eye [of a storm]
  • attention for detail
  • heel [rear end associated with needle tip grinding]
  • eye band [scissors]
  • bud
  • pip [dice]

Sentence Examples with the word Auge

Their great victory, where the duke of Clarence fell, was at B auge Bridge (1421), where the Stewarts and Kennedys, under Sir Hugh, were specially distinguished.

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