What does Aufklaumlrung mean?

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A philosophic movement associated with 18th century characterized by a lively questioning of authority keen fascination with issues of politics and basic culture and a focus on empirical method in science It obtained its impetus through the unsystematic but vigorous doubt of Pierre Bayle the real doctrines of Newton therefore the epistemological theories of Locke within the preceding century Its main center was at France in which it provided increase to the skepticism of Voltaire the naturalism of Rousseau the sensationalism of Condillac therefore the publication of this ldquoEncyclopediardquo by DAlembert and Diderot In Germany Lessing Mendelssohn and Herder had been representative thinkers even though the governmental doctrines of this leaders of the United states Revolution while the speculations of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine represented the action in America