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1801, from German Aufkl

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  • unscrambling
  • daylight reconnaissance
  • clarification
  • clarification of realities
  • reconnaissance by fire
  • reconnaissance in effect
  • educational advertising
  • Enlightenment
  • recce [esp. Br.] [coll.]
  • reconnaissance
  • reconnoitering [Am.]
  • reconnoitring [Br.]
  • recon [esp. Am.] [coll.] [reconnaissance]
  • outlining the reality of life to kids
  • clearing
  • putting light on sth. [fig.]
  • clearance [of a crime]
  • resolving
  • elucidation
  • enlightenment
  • sex training
  • resolution
  • clearing up
  • option
  • informing
  • solution
  • éclaircissement [rare]

Aufklarung meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

as a whole, this German word and its English equivalent Enlightenment denote the self-emancipation of man from mere authority, prejudice, convention and tradition, with an insistence on freer considering issues uncritically described these other companies. Relating to Kant's famous meaning "Enlightenment may be the liberation of guy from their self-caused condition of minority, which is the incapacity of utilizing one's comprehension without having the path of some other. This condition of minority is caused whenever its supply lies maybe not within the insufficient understanding, however in having less dedication and courage to utilize it without assistance of some other" (Was ist und bleibt Aufklärung? 1784). With its historical perspective, the Aufklärung refers to the social atmosphere and contrlbutions associated with eighteenth century, particularly in Germany, France and England [which impacted in addition American thought with B. Franklin, T. Paine additionally the leaders for the Revolution]. It crystallized tendencies emphasized by the Renaissance, and quickened by modern-day scepticism and empiricism, and also by the great medical discoveries associated with 17th century. This action, that has been represented by guys of differing inclinations, provided an impetus to general discovering, a more preferred viewpoint, empirical technology, scriptural criticism, personal and political idea. More specially, the word Aufklärung is put on the German efforts to eighteenth century culture. In philosophy, its main associates are G. E. Lessing (1729-81) whom believed in free address plus in a methodical criticism of faith, without getting a free-thinker; H. S. Reimarus (1694-1768) just who expounded a naturalistic philosophy and denied the supernatural source of Christianity; Moses Mendelssohn (1729-86) which endeavoured to mitigate prejudices and developed a popular common-sense philosophy; Chr. Wolff (1679-1754), J. A. Eberhard (1739-1809) who used the Leibnizian rationalism and criticized unsuccessfully Kant and Fichte; and J. G. Herder (1744-1803) who was most readily useful as an interpreter of other individuals, but whose intuitional suggestions have borne fresh fruit in organic correlation for the sciences, as well as in questions of language in terms of human nature and to national personality. The works of Kant and Goethe mark the culmination of the German Enlightenment. Cf. J. G. Hibben, Philosophy associated with the Enlightenment, 1910. -- T.G.

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Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Aufklarung (Berlin, 1888); and E.

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