What does Aufenthalt mean?

Aufenthalt - German to English

abidance [dwelling in a spot]

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  • abode
  • detention [state of being detained]
  • inhabitation
  • sojourn in Paris
  • sojourning [archaic]
  • sojournment [archaic]
  • sojourn [formal]
  • stay
  • end
  • three-night stay
  • inhabitancy
  • amount of residence [in order to exert effort, research, etc.]
  • wait
  • wait
  • residence
  • layover [Am.]

Sentence Examples with the word Aufenthalt

Erman, Reise urn die Erde iii., (Berlin, 1848); C. von Ditmar, Reisen and Aufenthalt in Kamchatka in den Jahren 1851-1855 (1890-1900); G.

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