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Audun is a name mostly provided to guys in Scandinavia together with north section of Europe. The standard Scandinavian meaning for the name is "deserted" or "deserted one." This name originally derived from the name Odin, directed at the Viking god of war, demise, poetry, and wisdom.(Old Norse Auðun) In most cases, all Auduns tend to be incredibly sweaty, particularly when playing fifa.Audun is considered the most despised title throughout of Scandinavia, & most folks, feel truly sorry for individuals known as Audun.In recent years Audun has also become a synonym for over weight. The fantastic god Audun. He comes from Norway and it is described as powerfull and perfect god. He belongs to the faith of audune A person therefore jealous of various other guys's bigger penises he cannot work in his lifestyle; all their ideas and energy is spent thinking about exactly how it will be having a normal cock.