What does Audio mean?

Audio meaning in General Dictionary

the element of a transmitted signal which conveys the sound associated with occasion represented by the signal like that of a tv system

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  • the audible part of a transmitted signal
  • a recording of acoustic indicators
  • an audible acoustic revolution frequency
  • the sound elements of tv

Audio meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"sound," especially taped or transmitted, 1934, abstracted from prefix audio- (in audio-frequency, 1919, etc.), from Latin audire "hear" (identify market).

Audio meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Audio is a phrase used to explain any noise or noise that is in a sound range the human ear can perform hearing. The audio on some type of computer is produced utilizing an audio card and is usually played through either speakers or a pair of earphones.

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Sentence Examples with the word Audio

Mansr activated the audio communications.

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