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THE WORLDS IDEAL SOLIDER OF ALL TIME, he recived every Medal from the United States Of America in WWII many from France. He killed 240 germans in 1 hour! Yea one fucking Hr. Chuck Norris,John Wayne, Vin Disel,Bruce Willis, and Arny cannot even compare, he means they are piss their particular jeans. After the war he was depressed and also to overcome in place of getting help he locked himself in a-room for weekly, and take in Jack Daniels. Then wrote a novel known as to hell and back. Then he became an actor starred in mostly westerns. The only real holly-wood personality that compares is Audie Murphy played by Audie Murphy(yea he played himself). After he passed away he got his very own theme song.If you never understand him look him up!So in a fast method to discribe him Audie Murphy = Badass