What does Auction mean?

Auction meaning in General Dictionary

To sell by auction

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  • a sell of property into highest bidder esp by you certified and authorized with the objective a vendue
  • sell at an auction
  • multiple connection where tricks made in more than the agreement are scored toward game; today typically superseded by agreement connection
  • the general public sale of some thing into highest bidder
  • a market of property to the highest bidder, esp. by a individual certified and authorized for the purpose; a vendue.
  • The things sold by auction or set up to auction.
  • to offer by auction.

Auction meaning in Finance Dictionary

a public sale of a protection, typically a bond, where the issuer invites authorised dealers to quote in yield or cost terms when it comes to protection.

Auction meaning in Law Dictionary

public sale of land or goods, at community outcry, on greatest bidder. Russell v. Miner, 61 Barb. (N. Y.) 539; Hibler v. Hoag, 1 Watts & S. (Pa.) 553; Crandall v. State, 28 Ohio St 481. A-sale by auction is a-sale by community outcry towards the greatest bidder on the spot. Civ. Code Cal.

Auction meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"a sale by increase of estimates," 1590s, from Latin auctionem (nominative auctio) "an increasing sale, auction, public sale," noun of activity from past participle stem of augere "to boost," from PIE root *aug- (1) "to increase" (see augment). In north The united kingdomt and Scotland, labeled as a roup. Inside U.S., some thing comes at auction; in England, by auction.

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  • 1807, from auction (n.). Associated: Auctioned; auctioning.

Auction meaning in Business Dictionary

Common name for a couple of types of sales where the price is neither set nor reached by settlement, it is found through procedure of competitive and available bidding. The 2 major kinds of auction tend to be (1) Forward auction for which a few buyers bid for example seller's good(s) and (2) Reverse auction in which a few sellers bid for example purchaser's purchase. An auction is total (and a binding contract is done) when a bid is acknowledged because of the seller or the buyer (as case is). The web age has changed auction into a really available procedure in which thousands of goods (from books to boats) and solutions (from flights to legal services) are offered for bidding by any person from anywhere and at anytime online like e-bay.com. Internet auctions tend to be a significant facet of digital trade.

Auction meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A public purchase of residential property to the highest bidder, esp. by someone certified and authorized with the objective; a vendue.

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  • (letter.) The items sold by auction or set up to auction.
  • (v. t.) To sell by auction.

Sentence Examples with the word Auction

There was time before the auction ended.

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