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a village in Newton, Massachusetts considered the "ghetto" of Newton. Also known as "The Dale." Known for it's frequent group shootings, crazy Lasell young ones that will take your shit, random rap battles on street sides, and frequent intensive break dance contests.A popular destination in Auburndale is Tom's Pizza in which it alll decreases. The strange foreign dudes whom work here may look intimadating, and also strike on the mommy, nevertheless tend to be funny and cool using their fellow Dale people in town.Auburndale can be known for strange children from the Williams School, an elementary college where young ones sing unusual tracks and sometimes worship Nickelodeon.It is an oppurtunity and privelege to be able to say you live in The Dale, though its a life-long dedication. Auburndale isn't only a hard-core town in Newton; it really is a way of life. To-be a part of the Dale is an amazing, pimpin experience that only some are a component of.The Dale: The only way out is in a box.