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your ex that seems timid and peaceful, but ends up to own a kick ass character and is a really amazing friend. They will be truth be told there for you no real matter what and doesn't like most bs. They are able to be peaceful the trouble if you happen to piss all of them off. They do not generally are generally the popular kind, however they're fricken awesome. They truly are hot, sexy, your ex every man desires of. They doesn't be seduced by men and women all too often, it is one hell of a kisser. They often aim for the high, sweet dudes, the guys that have gone through a whole lot and understand how they feel. Aubri's have usually gone through more than you can easily ever before imagine, however they are strong, independent creatures aided by the biggest heart.u000du000au000du000aCharming, witty, very intelligent animal of good beauty. In a position to deliver a smile to your face of a human within moments.u000du000au000du000aAn excellent closest friend, Aubri can switch from being funny to presenting heart-to-hearts. She is maybe not irascible, and she's amazing. She's been through a lot and it is damaged, but this just tends to make her just who she actually is, and it's really better that she's the way she's. Most importantly, she actually is forgiving. Aubri's are hard best friends ahead accross, then when you are doing have the enjoyment to befriend one, keep her, cuz it's worthwhile.u000du000au000du000a1. an individual who you would imagine is really nice and nice it is really a decietful, two-faced cunt.2. The ex- girlfriend from Hell