What does Aubrey mean?

Aubrey meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: French
Name Gender: Unisex

Aubrey meaning in Etymology Dictionary

masc. private name, from Old French Auberi, from Old High German Alberich "ruler of elves," or *Alb(e)rada "elf-counsel" (fem.). In U.S., it started to be used as a woman's name c.1973 and had been among the top 100 given names for females produced 2006-2008, eclipsing its usage for men, which faded compared.

Sentence Examples with the word Aubrey

Thus Inigo Jones laments the disappearance of stones that were standing when he measured it; and both Stukely and Aubrey deplore the loss of fallen stones that were removed to make bridges, mill-dams and the like.

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