What does Au gratin mean?

Au gratin meaning in General Dictionary

With a crust made by browning in oven specifically by scattering with breads crumbs or grated cheese and browning in a broiler as spaghetti might supported au gratin

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  • cooked while covered with browned breadcrumbs (and sometimes cheese)

Au gratin meaning in Cooking Dictionary

explaining a meal with a browned topping of breads crumbs and/or mozzarella cheese; a French term

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  • A French term for a dish with a browned topping of loaves of bread or cracker crumbs and/or grated cheese. Also called gratin?.
  • [French] cooked meals, covered with a sauce and sprinkled with crumbled or grated cheese, dotted with butter and browned under the grill or broiler.

Au gratin - German to English

au gratin [postpos.]

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  • gratiné [postpos.]