What does Attorney General mean?

Attorney General meaning in General Dictionary

The chief legislation officer associated with condition empowered to behave in all litigation in which the legislation executing power is an event and advise this supreme manager anytime needed

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  • the person who keeps the positioning of assistant regarding the Justice Department
  • the principle law officer of a country or state
  • the career for the mind associated with Justice division in addition to chief law enforcement officer for the United States

Attorney General meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. in each condition and authorities the greatest ranking legal officer associated with the federal government. The national lawyer General is main regarding the Department of Justice appointed by the President with confirmation needed by the Senate, and an associate for the Cabinet. They're responsible for federal prosecutions (including managing the various local U.S. solicitors), and numerous instances and matters in which the authorities has actually a legal interest, specially when the us government is an event or national laws are in concern. The Attorney General has also oversight associated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation alongside police operations for the Justice division. Although chosen, condition solicitors General have actually comparable features of their says, even though direction of neighborhood prosecutions is rarely exercised unless there is some gross mismanagement. Different legislatures have assigned differing features toward condition divisions of justice, including consumer protection, ecological legislation, supervision of trusts and non-profit corporations, also problems where local government could have a certain curiosity about protecting the populace.

Attorney General meaning in Law Dictionary

In English legislation. The principle legislation officer associated with the world, becoming created by letters patent, whose workplace is exhibit informations and prosecute when it comes to top iu issues unlawful, also to register bills in the exchequer in almost any matter in regards to the master's income. State v. Cunningham, 83 Wis. 90, 53 N. W. 35, 17 L. R. A. 145, 35 Am. St. Rep. 27. In American legislation. The attorney general of the US is the mind of this division of justice, appointed by the president, and a member of the closet. He appears in part for the federal government in every situations iu the supreme judge which its interested, and gives their legal advice toward president and heads of divisions upon questions presented to him. In each state also there's an attorney general, or comparable officer, which seems for the people, as iu The united kingdomt the lawyer general appears when it comes to crown. State v. District Court, 22 Mont. 25, 55 Pac. 910; individuals v. Kramer, 33 Misc. Rep. 209, 68 N. Y. Supp. 383.

Sentence Examples with the word Attorney General

The executive and legislative officials are chosen by the electors for a term of two years; the attorney general for four years; the judges of the supreme court of errors and the superior court, appointed by the general assembly on nomination by the governor, serve for eight, and the judges of the courts of common pleas (in Hartford, New London, New Haven, Litchfield and Fairfield counties) and of the district courts, chosen in like manner, serve for four years.

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