What does Attention craving whore mean?

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As opposed to exactly what we think they truly are, attention craving whores/bastards may be male OR female. A typical apparent trait is an over-all insufficient interest by their very own moms and dads. Thanks to mom and and father not providing a shit, ordinary folks have to manage them IRL or on teh net. Guilty of spending too much time copying just what "works" in the place of establishing unique private qualities.Noticeable signs be noticed : no personality, no imagination, despicable love of life, generally speaking boring, invest waaaaayy to enough time figuring what exactly is LULZ enducing once they cannot even know WTF LULZ even implies. Driven because of the inspiration of copying exactly what gets thumbs up on teh internet, also to the stage point of impersonating people they can't even find out. The worst sorts also upload their particular botched up photos as they are sincerely convinced someone gives a shit, and even though mom and dad ended caring 20 years ago if they bought the newest Mac ripoff. Typically think these are generally "special", despite the fact that lacking this is of imagination. Usually after that maybe not put their particular on the job automatic software like Photoshop or Reason and publish the terrible results shamelessly on social networks, thinking they're "artists" while their hollow shells size up to purchase more bigmacs. Whilst still being fucking whine. With that said, unfortunate bare individuals you have to help/avoid, but life is hard as it is rather than many people are mother Theresa.