What does Attactivist mean?

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An attactivist is certainly one that attacks statistically sound-set medical ideologies, they attack with individual thoughts, anecdotal research and/or bible, along side circular thinking. No matter it you'll show your point, it does not matter you are appropriate. They have been hostile and hurt and they also merely would like you to shut-up even if that means doubting knowledge and support to other individuals.It can continue an on getting extremely aggressive, they will try to draw you into a heated assault with personal presumptions, and upsetting name calling, you must bear in mind these people are only mad, and that is what they want. Therefore build relationships details on if you opt to and do not be a victim of the abusive behaviour.Attactvists assault general public causes, like lactivism, intactivism, non-vaxx, AP, Parents whom oppose CIO spanking also moms and dads who co-sleeping.