What does Attached mean?

Attached meaning in General Dictionary

fastened collectively

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  • being joined in close association
  • fond and affectionate
  • connected in a special intimate relationship
  • made use of of buildings accompanied by common sidewalls
  • of Attach

Attached meaning in Urban Dictionary

(n.) Shittiest musical organization ever.

Attached meaning in Legal Dictionary

adj. 1) talking about two structures that are connected, or gear which is well integrated into a structure including bolted to the flooring or wired into the ceiling (and not effective at becoming eliminated without injury to the structure). If something is really attached it most likely is becoming part of the real home, excluding "trade accessories," which are often detached. 2) discussing cash or an object which will be taken by judge purchase considering a sworn claim by a plaintiff (individual suing) the owner-defendant becoming sued may soon depart to prevent repayment regarding the financial obligation.

Attached meaning in Law Dictionary

housing product that stocks a wall with another unit. Its commonly a multifamily dwelling or comprises of numerous products.

Attached meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"affectionate, dedicated, fond," 1793, past participle adjective from attach.

Attached meaning in Business Dictionary

A term used in real estate transactions to indicate multi-family or multi-unit dwellings. An attached home is a structure which shares a common wall surface or walls with another device. A few examples of connected dwellings are; townhomes, condominiums, row homes, apartment structures and high-rise domestic towers. Lots of this form of home functions common reasons, either provided or jointly owned.

Attached meaning in General Dictionary

(imp. & p. p.) of Attach

Sentence Examples with the word Attached

Below each retort, and attached to it, is a cooler formed of thin sheet-iron, which receives the hot char as it passes from the retort, and at the bottom of the cooler is an arrangement of valves which permits a certain amount of char to drop out and no more.

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