What does Atropos mean?

Atropos meaning in Names Dictionary

One of the Moirae.
Name Origin: Latin
Name Gender: Female

Atropos meaning in Etymology Dictionary

one of the Fates (the one who keeps the shears and determines the manner of an individual's demise and slices the thread), from Greek, "inflexible," virtually "never to be switched away," from a- "not" (see a- (3)) + stem of trepein "to make" (see trope). Associated form Atropa had been the Greek title for life-threatening nightshade.

Atropos meaning in General Dictionary

the Greek goddess of fate whom cuts the thread of life

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Sentence Examples with the word Atropos

The tough but flexible coarse grey paper (German Fliesspapier), upon which on the Continent specimens are commonly fixed by gummed strips of the same, is less hygroscopic than ordinary cartridge paper, but has the disadvantage of affording harbourage in the inequalities of its surface to a minute insect, Atropos pulsatoria, which commits great havoc in damp specimens, and which, even if noticed, cannot be dislodged without difficulty.

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