What does Atresia mean?

Atresia meaning in General Dictionary

lack or closure of an all-natural passage or station of the body imperforation

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  • an abnormal condition in which a normal orifice or tube in your body (as the urethra) is shut or absent
  • lack or closing of a normal passageway or station associated with the human anatomy; imperforation.

Atresia meaning in Medical Dictionary

Absence of a standard orifice, or failure of a structure to be tubular. Atresia make a difference many structures in the torso. As an example, esophageal atresia is a birth problem by which an element of the esophagus is certainly not hollow, with anal atresia, there's no opening at the end end for the intestine.

Atresia meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"occlusion of a normal passageway in the human body," 1807, from contemporary Latin atresia, from Greek atretos "perhaps not perforated," from a-, privative prefix, + tresis "perforation," from PIE *tere- (1) "to scrub, change," with types talking about boring and drilling (see toss (v.)).

Atresia meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The lack of a body orifice that could generally be there; the lack of a specific organ that's tubular in construction.

Atresia meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Absence or closure of an all-natural passage or station associated with body; imperforation.