What does Atman mean?

Atman meaning in General Dictionary

living principle heart or individual essence

Atman meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: Hindi
Name Gender: Male

Atman meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1785, from Sanskrit atma "essence, breathing, heart," from PIE *etmen "breath" (a root present Sanskrit and Germanic; cognates: Old English

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Atman meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Skr.) Personal, soul, ego, or I. Variously conceived in Indian philosophy, atomistically (cf. anu); monadically, etherially, as the hypothetical carrier of karma (q.v.), identical because of the divine (cf. ayam atma brahma; tat tvam asi) or unlike however influenced by it, or as a metaphysical entity become dissolved at death and reunited with the globe floor. Given that latter it's understood to be "smaller than the tiny" (anor aniyan) or "greater as compared to great" (mahato mahiyan), for example., magnitudeless also infinitely great. -- K.F.L.