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Harun Yahya's most well-known work plus the biggest load of bull shit ever laid to paper. Initial of three volumes of the guide is devoted completely to claims associated with the fossil record denouncing evolution as a result of the insufficient transitional kinds between species. Yahya's understanding of evolutionary genetics is actually lacking because he feels a transitional kind requires incomplete organs and a freakish hybrid regarding the body forms of two types. This will not be the situation as the difference between hereditary code between your most basic microbial life type and a person is more or less 40%. Between people and chimpanzees, potentially under 3per cent. Whenever one takes into account that the majority of DNA(above 50percent) does not code for everything and it is essentially junk and that the 3percent difference happens within just half of the genome, it's quickly conceivable that there was a creature with roughly 1.5percent difference between genetic signal between people and chimps with completely created body organs and a regular body, which, by some slight mutation in a few people passed on as time passes, could have provided rise to both species, Homo sapiens and Pan troglodytes(chimps). (continued in instance)