What does Atlantis mean?

Atlantis meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mythical island-nation, from Greek Atlantis, literally "daughter of Atlas." All references trace to Plato's dialogues "Timaeus" and "Critias," both written c.360 B.C.E.

Atlantis meaning in General Dictionary

relating to legend, an island within the Atlantic Ocean that Plato said had been swallowed by an earthquake

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minds in Atlantis [Stephen King]

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Sentence Examples with the word Atlantis

In Bacon's New Atlantis (1624-29) science is the key to universal happiness; Tommaso Campanella's Civitas Solis (1623) portrays a communistic society, and is largely inspired by the Republic of Plato; James Harrington's Oceana (1656), which had a profound influence upon political thought in America, is a practical treatise rather than a romance, and is founded on the ideas that property, especially in land, is the basis of political power, and that the executive should only be controlled for a short period by the same man or men.

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