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This is a person who lives in an attic. Is an individual who life they're life attempting to make other people pleased. They are able to adapt to such a thing, in whatever circumstance they have the ability to bring happiness to individuals lives. This can be somebody who is really friendly and it is enjoyed by everyone, never has actually a tear in they truly are eyes and it is constantly powerful and independent. An Atiq is a really uncommon person if you understand a person who is called Atiq after that hold onto all of them and not let them go. a guy that will hold your turn in general public, cuddle from the couch. not just want to be physical, that is taller than you,someone you have to be on your own tippy-toes to kiss, that knows he never ever must get you almost anything to enable you to get pleasure, a man whon't care what individuals think of you. who will perhaps not allow his buddies talk bad in regards to you. who can just love you for your needs. A person that views you at your worst but loves you anyway, somebody which ready to talk about anything to you whether its really serious or simply joking, someone who really cares on how you feel without expecting similar back, a person which only happy to love. a person that after ever you are feeling low they sit by you, helps you cry in place of letting you know to shut-up.