What does Athey Creek Middle School mean?

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Athey Creek center School is filled with douche bags and bitches.as long as you're there, if you do not have blond hair, cool clothes, or a big home, you may besides stick the head in a bucket, because individuals are going to A: Fuck to you, B: Call you brands or C: entirely DISREGARD you.There are a few people who are pretty cool, nevertheless the remainder are simply jackasses. Many become going to western Linn senior school where pattern is duplicated. Just about everyone at ACMS does not care what you are actually IN, but it matters whom you pretend become externally. Girls are slim, and also the dudes are cocks.The staff sucks balls, etc etc.in the event that you succeed out of there without sobbing or pissing yourself at least once, I salute you.You may make it of Athey and end up as a pretty cool individual. But if provide into peer force on sound for the drum, there's a differnt one gone.Also, can you state drama?there is a significant amount of of it at ACMS. Without a doubt that.